The Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

About Us

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, state of the art cosmetic and reconstructive medical and surgical care for the face, head and neck in a safe, comfortable environment. We strive to restore and enhance our patients to a more youthful, healthful and aesthetic appearance.

We believe that the best results come from a cooperation between patient and physician. The patient who understands his or her procedure can better participate in his or her care. We have designed this website to be as comprehensive as possible, with information for patients in every stage of their facial plastic surgery experience, from considering what surgery can do for them to what they can expect after surgery.

We enlist our patients as partners in treatment. Our patients entrust themselves to us; we, in turn, are dedicated to learning the specific results they desire, educating them about the various options (including what surgery will and will not do), and jointly defining specific treatment goals and choosing the most appropriate way of achieving those goals. This website is designed to enhance that educational experience.

We believe it is our responsibility to develop and advance aesthetic and reconstructive facial surgery, not just practice it. Today's surgical techniques are safe and effective methods, but we feel we must continually strive to perfect more reliable techniques that give better results with faster recovery. From investigating the molecular and cellular behavior of tissues to developing and analyzing results of various surgical procedures, we provide our patients with the most comprehensive and modern cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery, based in science and provided with artistry. We want you to "look as good as you feel".

Feel free to look through this website using the menu on the left. You may contact our offices, either by phone or using the Contact Us form, if you would like more information.