Consultation Procedure

Once you and Dr. Sclafani have defined what areas can be improved, he will discuss with you the ways for achieving your goals. Often, there is more than one way to do this, and the success of a particular procedure may depend on subtleties such as skin type or a patient's medical history. Dr. Sclafani may suggest a procedure you may not have considered, and will explain why the procedure is the best one for you. While the exact results of surgery can not be guaranteed, Dr. Sclafani will also describe the results you can reasonably expect from the surgery, either in a mirror or using computer- assisted modeling.

In order to assist you in your preparation for surgery, Dr. Sclafani will describe what you will experience on the day of surgery, from the moment you arrive for surgery to the time you leave for home. The admission process, the methods used for anesthesia and the immediate post- operative recovery will all be described to you, so appropriate plans can be made ahead of time. He will also describe the options for anesthesia, which will vary from procedure to procedure. These options range from numbing the specific area with local injections to intravenous sedation (also know as conscious sedation or "twilight anesthesia") to general anesthesia. Dr. Sclafani will help you decide which type is most appropriate for you.

Dr. Sclafani will describe to you the expected recovery period, including the bandages, bruising, swelling and aftercare. Most patients ask questions like "When can I return to work", "How long will I have bandages or dressings", Will I be bruised" and "When can I wear makeup." While each patient will tolerate surgery differently, general guidelines can be given for a particular procedure.

At the end of the consultation, Dr. Sclafani will take clinical photographs. These will be used to plan your surgery, as each procedure is tailored to each specific patient. The poses are standardized for each procedure, and are designed to demonstrated the pertinent landmarks necessary for accurate surgical planning. After your surgery, photographs will again be taken. Dr. Sclafani continually analyzes his results to continue to refine and perfect surgical techniques.

Finally, Dr. Sclafani's staff will discuss finances with you. The costs of your surgery will include:

  • Dr. Sclafani's surgical fee,
  • The costs of any additional material (such as implants), and
  • The costs of hospitalization (operating room, anesthesia, recovery room).

When you leave after your consultation visit, you will have defined goals for surgery, an understanding of how the surgery will achieve those goals, an idea of what your recovery will be like and a reasonable idea of the total costs of your surgery.

Patients may schedule surgery at this time. Please let us know if you have a specific request for the date of surgery to accommodate a scheduled vacation, school holiday, etc. However, if a patient is still unsure about their surgery, we will schedule a follow-up consultation at no charge. Patients are asked to consider the information given to them during the initial consultation, and return with specific questions. Dr. Sclafani only schedules surgery when he believes patients are comfortable with the planned surgery and are ready to work with him in a partnership. That partnership between surgeon and patient is a key factor that helps ensure exceptional results.