Many patients note early signs of aging but feel they aren’t ready for surgery.  They may see some early changes which make them appear tired, angry or simply older than they are, but may choose to live with these instead of seeking treatment.  Fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes or along the lips may begin age the face.  The face may thin as the normal fat below the skin, especially under the eyes and in the cheeks, fades away.  Skin may loosen and start to sag- noticeable along the jawline as early jowls form.  While surgery can manage each of these problems, patients may not be ready for surgery.

Dr. Sclafani has pioneered several new treatments which use the body’s ability to heal to reverse these signs of aging.

A patient’s own fat can be harvested from around the bellybutton or thighs by a simple procedure and purified so that small amounts can be discretely placed below the skin of the face to “refill” the face and restore a youthful contour.  Platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) can be isolated (Selphyl®) from a small amount of the patient’s own blood (similar to the amount of blood taken for routine tests at your doctor’s office).  PRFM contains proteins which act as the body’s natural signals to repair tissue, grow collagen, blood vessels and fat.  This is easily injected and is used to smooth facial lines and folds.  Most recently, it has become possible to grow a patient’s fibroblasts (the cells responsible for manufacturing collagen) and reinject these cells to treat lines and folds in the face.

Dr. Sclafani has combined these three techniques in developing the SelfLift©.  This process combines these all-natural techniques to rejuvenate the face using only ALL-NATURAL materials- cells from the patient herself to stimulate guided tissue regeneration.  In addition, in some patients, natural skin tightening can be stimulated using Intense Pulse Light Therapy.