SelfLift© - Process and Procedure

The Process

Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) is isolated from a patient’s blood just before treatment.  A small amount of the patient’s blood is collected into a tube similar to those used when you have a blood test at your doctor’s office.  This tube is then spun in a specialized device to isolate the patient’s platelets and the plasma.  These are then sterilely transferred to a second tube contain a very small amount of calcium.  This mixture can then be injected through very small needles into areas requiring filling, such as areas in need of more volume, deeper lines or folds.

Treatment with a patient’s own fat is generally used in areas requiring more filling.  Fat is suctioned from a pinpoint incision, often within the bellybutton. Once harvested, the fat is centrifuged sterilely to purify and concentrate the fat, and then mixed with a small amount of the patient’s PRFM.  Small incisions hidden in creases, folds, within the hairline or behind the ear allow Dr. Sclafani to place discrete packets of fat below the skin in areas requiring filling.

LaViv® is an FDA-approved technology to rejuvenate the patient’s skin using the patient’s own fibroblasts (the cells which are responsible for collagen production).  A small amount of the patient’s skin from behind the ear is removed and sent to an FDA- inspected facility where the patient’s fibroblasts are isolated and grown in culture over @ 3 months.  Vials of the cells are then returned to Dr. Sclafani, who can then inject them through a small needle into folds and lines of the face.  Typically, 3 treatments sessions are performed.  The remaining vials of the patient’s cells are stored for later use.  Over a several week period, improvement in the appearance of the face occurs as new collagen is produced by these cells.

The Procedure

Treatment is completely customized to the individual patient.  Depending on the areas which need to be treated, one, two or all three of these all- natural treatments can be used.  The result is a restoration of the youthful contours and texture of the facial skin.