What Our Patients Say

You pay us the highest compliment when you recommend our practice to a friend, family member or colleague. Here is what other patients have said about Dr. Sclafani.

"After months of researching doctors and several surgicial consultations, I chose Dr. Sclafani to perform my rhinoplasty and chin implant. Dr. Sclafani fully explained the procedures to me, taking the time to answer my many questions, never rushing. Dr. Sclafani did a fantasic job and I have received many compliments on my new look. I have since recommended Dr. Sclafani to several friends and family members."

- Lauren A.
"Dr Sclafani's changed my life. I had terrible acne scarring and had tried everything. The improvement in my skin from my Selphyl treatments is incredible. You could barely tell I ever had a pimple and my skin is luminous."

- Monique S.
"I have had various cosmetic procedures over the years with Dr. Sclafani. With each and every procedure I have been more than satisfied. My results have refreshed my face with a completely "natural look" not an artificial one. He is truly an amazing Doctor."

- M.R.
"Dr. Sclafani did an exceptional job reconstructing my nose. Before surgery, I was very nervous thinking that I would be totally disfigured. After having the MOHS surgery done (still nervous), I went to Dr. Sclafani for reconstructive nose surgery. It is unbelievable how well my nose appearance has improved since the surgeries. It is almost undetectable. Dr. Sclafani told me what to expect during each phase of this procedure. He and his staff followed up with my healthcare provider to make sure that the follow-up surgery needed was indeed approved and performed. Dr. Sclafani and his staff have been very supportive during this whole process. I cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Sclafani and his staff. Great work."

- B.G. (woman who underwent reconstruction of her nose after skin cancer removal)
"Dr. Sclafani- Thank you very much for everything. You made what could have been an uncomfortable procedure virtually painless for me, and I am extremely pleased with the results from both the breathing and cosmetic perspective. Thanks again."

- S.M. (rhinoplasty patient)
"I love my lips. I am so very pleased. Dr. Sclafani was amazing."

- C.W. (young woman undergoing lip augmentation)
"You couldn't ask for a better doctor. Dr. Sclafani and his staff made my surgery easy and stress-free. My eyes look incredible. I feel younger, more confident and more energetic, and the surgery has definitely helped me in my career."

- S.C. (male executive after eyelid surgery)
"What a new person I am! No more sagging facial and neck skin. What a rarity he (Dr. Sclafani) is, a doctor who is so very concerned, caring and gentle. I looked forward to each appointment. It is no wonder that New York Magazine recognized him again as being one of New York's top doctors!"

- C.I. (woman after facelift)
"Dear Dr. Sclafani...I look incredible! Your work is wonderful! I feel as if I have my face back again and I have renewed confidence. I can walk through life with my head held high and with a big smile on my face, all thanks to you! Thank you!"

- M.T. (woman after facial rejuvenation)
"Dear Dr. Sclafani: How can we ever thank you enough for "cleaning up the mess" that was made before we were fortunate enough to meet you? J. is now the gorgeous and pain-free child he was meant to be, with warmest gratitude to you! He will never ever be called "Dumbo Ears" again. Thank you so much!"

- The B. Family and J.B. (a young child who underwent correction of prior ear surgery)
"Dear Dr. Sclafani: I want to sincerely thank you for the tremendous improvements you have given to me with regard to my profile and facial features, after the recent chin implant and neck lift (the same day as major sinus surgery). The comments I'm receiving from close acquaintances that believe I only had sinus surgery are: 'you look great'; 'there's something different, I can't say why- why do you look so good?' My answer is it is such an improvement to know I can breathe again, it's amazing, and they just smile and agree. The implant and related neck improvements look so natural that no one questions it further. I personally feel my profile has not only improved, but defines my neck and chin again in a natural profile, allowing me to feel confident- holding my head up again without trying to hide my neck and chin. Many thanks to you and your staff for everything, you are the best!"

- L.K. (woman after chin augmentation and neck rejuvenation, performed on the same day as sinus surgery by another physician)
"Thank you for my new ear. You are the best doctor."

- A.K. (6 year old girl after microtia repair)