Video Consultation

Dr. Sclafani now offers personal video consultations in facial plastic surgery in a safe and secure way.  Much of what is done during a consultation can be done by Video Consultation.  The patient’s interest in treatment, the goals of treatment, the process and after surgery recovery can be discussed with Dr. Sclafani; this video consultation typically take 30 minutes, and you can access this consultation either from a desktop PC, laptop or cellphone with an internet connection.  For those who are interested in surgery, a follow up, in-person consultation and examination will be scheduled prior to surgery.  This 30 minute, in-person exam is provided at no additional cost to you.

Dr. Sclafani and colleagues have recently published a groundbreaking study in how telemedicine can be enhanced to provide a more detailed examination of the nose, ears and face.  By identifying areas for improvement in telemedicine noted during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Sclafani has developed a simple and cost-effective technique to use telemedicine which enhances patient convenience while also allowing him to make a more accurate diagnosis and develop more detailed treatment plans for his patients.  If you are interested in this type of examination, please contact Dr. Sclafani’s office at (646) 962- 2285 prior to scheduling an appointment.

Schedule a Video Consultation

To schedule a Video Consultation, please contact Dr. Sclafani’s office directly at (646) 962-2285. You can also make your appointment online. To schedule an in-person or a video visit, please click here: You can contact Dr. Sclafani’s office either before or after you sign up for Weill Cornell Connect.  

You can self-enroll in Weill Connect at